photo 1 : shelter made bij homeless people, November 2011

photo 2 : camp made by autistic children, July 2011

The similarity between the photos is remarkable but on the other hand less suprising when we take a closer look. Homeless people as well as people in the autistic spectrum put often great importance in finding places to feel save and at home. Often they feel stronger there vulnaribililty, are more aware of the transitoriness of life and feel as an outcast. In a way they are pushed to experience more ‘basic’ needs because feelings like fear, desolation and a contineous “survival” is part of every day life. They seem to be more ‘stripped’ from layers of varnish and safety-belts that ‘common people’ can maintain.

The portraits of people with autism and the photos of their living spaces was an assignment giving to me by Autisme Centraal (Ghent, Belgium) and are bundled in the book “Zie wie ik ben” published by Lannoo nv, Tielt (2012)

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