Follow up Sigrid # 8

Each year a portrait is made of the same girl at the same place around the same date. 

Railway station of St-Niklaas, Belgium, ongoing project since 2007

 up : July 2012 & 2013,  

under : August 2014

Frontgardens by night 

Belsele, Belgium, January 2009

Photo up : a Dahlia planted in a parc where the homeless M slept some time. Since there was in Belgium no future for M, he returned to his homeland Poland assisted by some of my friends. However, M passed away last month under unclear circumstances. The flowers were planted on his birthday, August 8th.

Photo beneath : another sleeping place where I found M during the winter 2010 - 2011. Picture taken November 2010.

From the series ‘The Architecture of the Homeless People’, Antwerp, Belgium.

1/ Midsummer’s day (June 21st) as seen on the corner of Astridplein and Gemeentestraat, Antwerp, Belgium ; 51° 13’08.6” N 4°25’14.7” E , looking at café Jozef. A series of photos taken 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after high noon. Every minute one photo was taken and one photo at the moment of high noon itself. (Total of 31 photos)

Although the sun reached at that moment its highest point of the day, the real solstice took place several hours earlier.

2/ At the same time another camera “stood guard” all day at my house at the same spot with which a photo was taken at the exact moment of sunrise and sunset (05.29 am = left picture and 10.00 pm = right picture)

A circle made by a mirror
Antwerp, August 2014

A circle made by a mirror

Antwerp, August 2014

Three clouds and a triangle of sun
Antwerp, August 2014

Three clouds and a triangle of sun

Antwerp, August 2014

Pictures taken at the opening of “start to Jazz” 

08 aug till 07 sept at Warp art, St-niklaas, Belgium

© Stef Renodeyn

Gif-examples from my videoproject ‘In search of she who relieves all needs’.

The videos show empty sex chatrooms. Where the girls (and boys) in these chatrooms can be seen as symbols of returning (and therefore unsatisfactory) desire, the focus in the videos aims on absence. One visits these chatrooms to find distraction and relieve. Sexual desire, the will of man to transcend itself and how it is projected are strong forces.The videos however avoid fulfilment and the presence of objects of desire. There is no presence of what is expected.

The intention however is less to show how these chatrooms look like. The “left over” when the models leave, often comes up as an unexpected and involuntary composition which is sometimes even poetic. Like in some of my other work the videos are more about absence, no made-to-measure answers and to blot out affirmative points of views and information. 

Ongoing project since 2013

from the series ‘The Architecture of the Homeless People’

Antwerp, Belgium  - January 2014 (up) and April 2014 (beneath)